Our Story

The unique story of HXD began with a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur, Khai Hung Truong. At the age of 19, Khai was driven by a great passion for health and welfare, as well as a profound curiosity of the human mind, body and spirit. After the Vietnam War, Khai noticed there was little to no medical doctors, practitioners or treatment available in the neighbourhood. Concerned about the limited health care and services, the unsung hero embarked on his journey of self education in medicine and began treating his very first patients.

With many people sharing their successful recovery stories, Khai was celebrated as the young, heroic and notable doctor who saved the community. Often described as a humble and aspirational individual with integrity, the pioneer committed to a lifetime mission — one that would change and heal the world. Ever since then, Khai held tightly onto promises of health and wellness which led him to devote his time in formal education, studying natural medicine and practices.

Khai soon founded and established HXD in 1996 with the objective of achieving better quality of health. Now with over 20 years of clinical experience and medical knowledge, Khai has specially developed the Home Treatment Packages (including QP Power, Strong Antifungal Cream, etc.), and the DOCTORMOM Program which features several formulas to combat a variety of illnesses.


HXD Herbs


Our Mission

To inspire and nurture the human mind, body and spirit by promoting a healthy, active lifestyle and well-being. At HXD, we aim to achieve better quality of health and ultimately offer everyone a life filled with longevity and peace.

Our Vision

To lead in world class health care and management whilst promoting the highest standards of health care and focusing on quality services. We will continue our journey as a pioneer in achieving better quality of health, making profound differences and establishing a legacy that shall be remembered by all around the world.


"The greatest wealth is health"

  Virgil —


 "When you have health, you have everything. When you do not have health, nothing else matters at all"

  Augusten Burroughs —


 "Your health is an investment, not an expense"

  John Quelch —