About Home Treatment Packages

HXD has formulated innovative and renowned solutions to assist those suffering from both long or short term skin conditions. Our QP Power is designed to target deep roots of psoriasis, while our Strong Antifungal Cream actively combats bad bacteria and directly attacks the fungi (or foreign cells). Our cream also contains skin healing properties and elicits a cooling sensation for easy and smooth application. By combining internal treatment using DOCTORMOM Formulas, our Home Treatment Packages become effective against stubborn psoriasis, ringworm and eczema.

Psoriasis Home Treatment Package

How our packages were born


"If you have ever suffered from psoriasis, ever battled the disease hopelessly, or if you are a dermatologist, then you will be able to understand how hard it is to beat psoriasis." — Khai, the founder


In 2002, when Khai's daughter Elaine was in 2nd grade, she caught psoriasis. At first it was only as big as a dot, but soon it spread to both ears. Firstly, she received prescription from family doctors, then skin specialists none of them worked for her. She then tried several different products available from pharmacies and many other stores but her psoriasis seemed very stubborn, it spread all over her body in a short period of time.

"As an NM doctor, seeing my child hopelessly struggling with psoriasis, I became helpless and felt pain in my heart. I started searching for natural antifungal substances, time after time, failure after failure. It was really sad but finally, the light of success shone brightly." — Khai, the founder


Early in 2005, HXD produced its very first Strong Antifungal Cream with the production of QP Power shortly after. Since then, many psoriasis, ringworm, eczema clients have achieved very good results. Numbers among them have completely eliminated their psoriasis, ringworm, or eczema  Elaine is one of them.