In today's modern society, people all around the world demand for convenient solutions that can simplify their lives. As we hustle and bustle, our lives increase in complexity. Now, you can easily and quickly reach out to self care products to help treat common health problems.

Our DOCTORMOM Program transcribes the concept of self medication and self treatment for everyday health problems which can be managed from home. Self medication is a safe practice of treating common health problems without professional medical supervision. With the aid of our program, our lives are being made easier. It is cost and time efficient, making it perfect for those with busy schedules (who are unable to make an appointment to see a health professional), or for those who have little to no options.

We aim to bring convenience in treatment of everyday health issues for busy goers; and to increase availability of health care to those who are living in rural or remote areas with limited access to medicinal advice.



DOCTORMOM is a terminology that can be defined as an individual who treats their loved ones without a medical qualification through safe and effective use of products from our DOCTORMOM collection. You are your own medical practitioner. Our over-the-counter medication is available online to all individuals, parents or carers.


How Does It Work?

You can be a good DOCTORMOM looking after your loved ones with peace of mind. Simply prepare some conventional medicine for your family and friends when they feel ill.

Using our DOCTORMOM's Quick Guide, you can easily identify your symptoms and select a suitable formula for treatment by following our three easy steps below.

It is highly recommended to disregard the name of the disease because it may interfere your diagnosis. Fully focus on identifying all signs and symptoms that your body signifies to you. Be confident and trust yourself because your body will only signify you the truth.



Identify signs and symptoms using our DOCTORMOM's Quick Guide



Select the symptoms to view our suggested formula


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Online Short Course Training

If you are still not confident about how to treat your loved ones, you can participate in our DOCTORMOM Advanced Online Short Course Training.

The online training is delivered through email communication. Within the 150 hour time frame, we encourage all participants to ask relevant questions regarding our DOCTORMOM Program.

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