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Are you experiencing psoriasis, ringworm, or eczema?

You are not alone.

The number of people suffering from psoriasis, ringworm and eczema is slowly increasing. In times of hopelessness, we extend our help with authenticity to those suffering from both long or short term skin conditions. Bringing a new sense of hope and faith to our community, HXD introduces our revolutionary development — specialised Skin Treatment Packages for sensitive skin.

Featuring our best selling skin care products such as QP Power, Strong Antifungal Cream and various DOCTORMOM Formulas, our packages are effective against stubborn skin conditions including psoriasis, ringworm and eczema.

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Our Treatment Strategy

By following our treatment strategy, you will be able to treat your psoriasis, ringworm, or eczema in the comfort of your own home. Our strategy is ready to print with easy step-by-step instructions, alongside a day-by-day treatment plan — you know we have got you covered.

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QP Power Ointment

— Step 3 —

Strong Antifungal Cream

QP Power Ointment


Strong Antifungal Cream


Discover the Mysterious World of Eczema and Psoriasis

Get answers to 11 of the most common questions about psoriasis. In this video series, we discuss the causes, prevention and treatment of psoriasis.


You can be a good DOCTORMOM looking after your loved ones with peace of mind. Simply prepare some conventional medicine for your family and friends when they feel ill.

Using our DOCTORMOM’s Quick Guide, you can easily identify your symptoms and select a suitable formula for treatment.

It is highly recommended to disregard the name of the disease because it may interfere your diagnosis. Fully focus on identifying all signs and symptoms that your body signifies to you. Be confident and trust yourself because your body will only signify you the truth.

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